Sunset quickie

Stretched the kinks out this morning from yesterday’s bike ride instead of walking. Had a busy work day that lead to freedom only just before sunset. Grabbed the husband and walked the beach on the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy the day’s colors.

This quickie added 1.78 miles to the month of #Janathon.

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Two wheels, two bridges

Today we rode our bikes in Venice, Florida on parts of the Venetian Waterway Park and the Legacy Trail. It has been on my radar for a month and today we had a free day to make the trip south.  We started our ride at the Shamrock Park and Nature Center. And what did I see:


     Yes, another gopher tortoise!

     It was wandering off in search

of tasty morsels, so I let it be and

thanked it for crossing our path.



Our ride took us along the Intracoastal Waterway as we passed homes, parks, a historic train depot, drawbridges, a golf course and a boat yard.  We saw pelicans, egrets, ibises,  and cormorants. And no alligators, despite the warning signs in a few different locations.

The Legacy Trail is straight and flat except for very large and high bridges crossing local highways or multi-lane roads. It is my opinion that the bridges were built to torture me.

Related image


Can you see what I mean?

The height, the length,

the layered incline,

the peak with no rest?


Alas, I survived the ride, made it up and over each bridge without stopping ( or crying ), and in the end was proud my muscles could crank out 18 miles on a warm January day on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Another day of activity for #Janathon complete.


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Tech glitch

What is wrong with my watch? Where is my walk? What happened to my upload?            I need the map!!   Nooooooo!!!!


This is not the message I want to see when uploading my longest walk 😦


Apparently the data bin file was corrupted and the only option  was to reset the watch and clear the glitch.

I lost my map, which is huge since I covered many streets this morning counting toward my “walk the island” goal.  The GPS maps from the watch are the only proof that I walked the streets on any day.

I did cry. a little bit. with anger trying to burst out.  clone tag: 1006400275185562588

Thankfully I took a picture of my watch stats to text to my friend in NH prior to plugging the watch into my laptop.

The picture at least made it possible for me to enter the stats into my written log.  Grateful for the basics, especially during #Janathon.


Old school for the win over technology glitches.

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On Day 4 of 2019 I woke to fog, watched rain all day and jumped puddles after dinner to at least walk a mile for the day.   Ended up with 1.66 miles in a loop near home, stopping many times to wait for vehicles to pass.



I was able to avoid being splashed

by all the large puddles in the roadways.

Barely, but I made it home dry!

A wet #Janathon Day 4 it was.

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Drawbridge jaunt

As a busy Thursday was coming to a close, I made it out the door for a quick walk for #Janathon.  The closest route with benefits is to go over and back on the bridge to the island.  It happens to be a drawbridge, which can make things interesting if you approach at the wrong time.

Image      Love the image as it looks like I can walk on water!

I timed it perfectly, gave a quick wave to the bridgetender and wasn’t delayed on my jaunt.   Now if I could just remember to create the posts before bed each day …


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Trash day antics

Puzzled looks. Questioning eyes. Unexpected smiles.

It was a bit of fun this morning to confuse the county waste management workers collecting trash in the neighborhood I was walking.

Didn’t I just see her? Where did she come from? Is she singing? Is she following us? Does she know it’s trash day?

In my attempt to walk all the streets of the island we are now living on, I do a lot of: down this one, turn, down that one, turn, down this one, turn, down that one, over and over.

This morning I did just that while the trash truck lumbered along behind me, in front of me and beside me.

Day 2 of #Janathon completed with 6.23 miles and another neighborhood on the island checked off.

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Tortoise wisdom

A new year brings new goals, new dreams and a dose of reality. On this sunny New Year’s Day of 2019 I found myself brought to a halt by a gopher tortoise. The small creature carrying loads of wisdom crossed into the trail I was biking on at Lake Manatee State Park in Bradenton, Florida.

A tortoise embraces simplicity, which I strive to bring into my daily life. Watching the one in the trail today was a reminder to slow down, move in peace not stress, and to seek an existence rich in determination. These thoughts flowed through me while watching him seek out plants and a path that made his afternoon a time of simple happiness.


The many changes in the past year brought along a variety of challenges that I am still finding ways to wade through the murk on the way to clarity. Choosing to look at life differently and taking time to steady my thoughts before speaking, has brought a sense of tranquility that I never thought to experience. A new year is ahead and I can honestly say I am looking forward to it!

To start the year off right, I walked 2.2 miles home from beach fireworks at midnight, biked 5.1 miles of trail in a state park, and swam a mile in laps at the pool.


Nothing too outrageous that will create a glitch in my goals training for 2019, which is (secretly) to complete two 12 hours run events this fall/winter strong and at my goal distances.

Don’t tell my husband!

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Found my mojo in Maine

2016 proved to be a challenge to my running world, since my body didn’t want to run. At all. The piss-poor attitude of my feet and lungs sucked the joy out of any runner’s high.

Until we drove into the town of Millinocket, Maine at sunset on Friday, December 9th. Everything snapped back into place in my mind and body. The hibernation was over with the first breaths of cold air in a financially struggling town that was thrilled to have us visit – runners/walkers/crews – if only for a weekend.

15418583_10209248742829283_3863652723257155839_o   Two gal friends and I chose to walk the half marathon course rather than attempt to run it. Temps on Saturday, December 10th at the start were freezing, at 10*F with wind-chill temps in the -5*F to -10*F range due to relentless wind gusts. We were bundled and energized and ready for a good time.  The community needed us and I needed them.

Walking 13.1 miles uphill into fierce winds in winter is exhausting. And exhilarating. Businesses and families made mile markers that greatly entertained us along the way.


 We stopped at every one of the markers so I could take a picture of Brenda and Jennifer. Each time my hand came in contact with the cold air, the skinned burned. Instantly.  It was that cold and windy.  Incredible.

This race was like none other I have been to – both for the 15493814_10209248741469249_1485816930641993367_oextreme temperatures and the hills.  I avoid hills due to my breathing issues but I wasn’t letting that stop me from being a part of this event. There were hills and more hills and yet more hills. I recall only one large downhill, which is crazy!  There should have been an equal amount of downhills!  Then again, the miles blurred together after a while 🙂

Millinocket is magic.  Honestly. I feel rejuvenated, inspired, and focused.  A training calendar has been made in prep for the Hyannis Marathon on February 26th, 2017.  I made it simple, doable, and am actually looking forward to the journey ahead.  Ran/walked with Brenda on the indoor track at our YMCA for 4 miles on Tuesday and 5.5 miles on Thursday.  I am off and running!


The start/finish line banner was held up by logging trucks. Us walking into the finish line.


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Week one, weak one

Week one of Juneathon comes to a close…without a single purposeful running step taken. Woe is me…
I wanted to run today, really I did. I chickened out. At this point I am afraid to feel the pain I expect to come with running, with my feet rhythmically landing on a hard surface. This mental block must be overcome.

Another ride today, this time travelling 7 miles roundtrip to my friend’s house to let her share her worries.  It is tough to watch a bubbly personality be crushed with an overwhelming need to be loved. She has been alone for too many years and depression set in about a year ago.  My wish is for her to be comfortable on her path through life, to be happy in the moment, to stop thinking of what she doesn’t have.  I never thought I would find love and wasn’t looking for it.  Thankfully my sweetheart was patient and waited to wake me up at the right time.  I do remind him he is amazing and thank him for loving me.  Love you John! 😍  😇

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Ride for Juneathon – day 6

Loved the weather today – windy yet warm.   Desperately wanted to run, but staying off the feet (run-wise) for the weekend. Spent the morning tossing out more useless junk with a trip to the dump, prepped meals for the start of the week and sat on the deck with an unsweetened zero-everything ice teas.

A bike ride was the winning choice for exercise today so John and I headed out from the house mid-afternoon.  We used the nearest paved bike path entrance which travels to a large community park, onward past our local high school and the Country Club golf course, and turned to the dirt bike path that leads behind a shopping complex.

Stopped at Target for a few groceries, back to the dirt bike path, up and over the highway pedestrian bridge, into town and along the side streets back to home.  We covered 7.5 miles and felt fantastic.  Hoping to be back up to double-digit rides with the next one!

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